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Any places you recommend for Arch Rolling?

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1Any places you recommend for Arch Rolling? Empty Any places you recommend for Arch Rolling? 29th April 2019, 10:41 am


Hi Everyone,

Due to having some new rear arches (5 door) fitted as part of my R's refurb the inner lips stick in to the wheel arches more than the OEM 3 door arches and are slicing into my tyres (205/45 r16).

I don't need much material rolling in at all, but slicing into freshly painted arches is not something I particularly wish to do.

So, can anyone recommend any places for Arch Rolling - preferably in Yorkshire / Derbyshire but I am willing to travel further affield?




This is the amount of far - not a lot! Wondering if a downsize to 195/45 r16 would do the trick, or adjust my camber at the back?!

Any places you recommend for Arch Rolling? Tyre_p10


I run 195/45/16 ET38 and 205/40/17 ET40 on teins with no issues. I guess how low you have you're car sitting. I'd let the paint cure for about a month.


Cheers for the quick reply thumbsup

I'm hoping to get a 195/45/16 on an ET35 alloy to try tonight - not sure whether my Speedlines are et35 or et38 but I had no problems at all until I had the new arches on. I'm hopeful that will do the trick!

The paint has been done probably 1-2 years before I got the car back so it's new, but had plenty of time to harden.

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