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Buying an ep3 type r

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1Buying an ep3 type r  Empty Buying an ep3 type r 19th February 2016, 6:04 pm



As title says I'm buying one of these as my daily Smile anyone had one / got one ? What to look out for ?



2Buying an ep3 type r  Empty Re: Buying an ep3 type r 22nd February 2016, 4:14 pm


the one star club
the one star club

Great cars, never had one but I've got a few mates that have them. I think something to look out for iirc is 3/4th gear syncros going. Same as any car, just make sure all gears engage as they should etc. Other than the gearbox issues on one friends car I don't think my friends have ever had any major mechanical issues with their type R's and they've both owned them for years.

3Buying an ep3 type r  Empty Re: Buying an ep3 type r 22nd February 2016, 6:18 pm



Other than slow and a Honda they are ok they have lots of cup holders.

My old one I had a few years ago.

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4Buying an ep3 type r  Empty Re: Buying an ep3 type r 23rd February 2016, 4:16 pm


I had one, but to be honest; I was not that impressed. It much prefer the B16/B18 engines as opposed to the 2.0 one. Yes it has more punch; but the VTEC rev range is so small on these engine; you really need to trash it to redline all the time in order to be quick.

The suspension/handling however is really great, much better then the later models with the cheaper suspension. I also liked the shifter and gearbox; very short and precise.

Main thing: the steering rack; find a plat piece of road; and let go of the steering wheel and give it a bit of throttle (slowly increasing); if it keeps pulling to the right the steering rack is fucked (worn rack sliders inside, they're plastic) these steering racks are expensive; over a 1000 Euro from Honda.

Things to look out for; rust besides the normal locations: underside of the bonnet in the edges, hinges, trunk under the carpet at the sides. Also; these engines and boxes should be dry completely. Honda engines are not supposed to sweat a single drop of oil; if the engine bay looks like an oil-rig: stay away. If the engine rocks a bit during on/off throtthle this indicates that the engine/gearbox mounts are on their way out. If the valves are noisy (rattle/tick) the clearances have to be adjusted; this should be done every 80.000 KM or so.

Other than that; more or less bullit-proof.

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