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Maybe I do have issues

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26Maybe I do have issues  - Page 2 Empty Re: Maybe I do have issues 9th February 2016, 8:17 pm


the one star club
the one star club

I've not been keeping up with the forums and what not so haven't really known much about what's gone off until recently, I was going to ask you about it a long time ago but I never got to see you at one of the meets then after that I just gave up with the thing.

I had a read through the post you made about said person Bob and was very surprised to see the comments that had been written! I knew you two had fell out and all I heard was that he had ripped you off but reading your post it's more serious than I realised.
I've always got on with the guy as you know bob because I know him through you but reading what you put I understand now why you say you hate him, to be honest in surprised you have took it so well but you've done the right thing to not go in full steam ahead and tear him a new one.

It's no good Johnny setting up shop because he's still too damn far away from me! Lol we need a Midlands branch, maybe Pete could open up a gearbox 'breakers' Laughing

27Maybe I do have issues  - Page 2 Empty Re: Maybe I do have issues 9th February 2016, 8:32 pm



He already has he is very good at breaking them! Its his size 14 feet there just too much for any drive train

Now Shagging sheep on the cheap
You wont find one that's for keeps
Spend the money, find a honey

'Shit' think I need to sell my Sunny!

But woman cant replace a sheep
Oh I wish that for the peace!
But I really cant find my honey
The only one I would give my money
Is one with a great big fleece
And then I would be at peace...

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