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Gear linkage rear support bush

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1Gear linkage rear support bush Empty Gear linkage rear support bush 29th January 2019, 9:27 am


I ordered a box of two of these last year to replace the original gear linkage support bush on my car. Obviously I only really needed one of them so I've got one going spare if anyone is interested?
The one im speaking about is item 5 on the diagram below:
Gear linkage rear support bush Diagra10

This is a direct replacement for this bush, NO trimming or adjustments were required. The only other thing you'll need to fit this is an M10x60 bolt, nut & penny washer to go behind the bush. This will remove the original counterweight/bolt (item 9) and bolt straight up to the linkage support bar thingy (item 14).
Here's a couple of pictures of the item:

Gear linkage rear support bush Linkag10
Gear linkage rear support bush Bush_b10

I paid just shy of £30 for these two so would £20 shipped sound ok? Im not looking to make any money on this, merely to recoup what I've spent and help someone else out.
PM me if interested.



2Gear linkage rear support bush Empty Re: Gear linkage rear support bush 13th February 2019, 8:18 pm


Im open to sensible offers on this, otherwise its going up on ebay shortly...


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