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Welcome to the largest Nissan Pulsar & Sunny GTI-R Forum. Masses of info, friendly members, cars for sale, lots of spares. Best forum on the net by far. Everything your gtir needs is here.

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1New Member  Empty New Member 27th November 2012, 10:41 am


Hey Gents,

Names joel...

I have recently moved to Newcastle (aus) with my partner and finally purchased my first sports car. This was a long times coming as i have loved cars since i was a young grommet...
The GTIR too me seemed to be a great package for the price and still turns heads on the sidewalk. Another reason why i like the GTIR is its rarity, can’t say i see alot on the road.

I Purchased an Advertised 94 GTIR in black off eBay ($7,000). I have plans to live in the UK for some time with my partner as my father was born in the uk and its quite easy for me to expierence the country and work with my visa. Hopefully one day i can meet a few of you in person.

Currently The iR is ripped appart and doing a full re build. Plans are a for track and weekend joyride. Found some nasties on the weekend including chassis damage under the sideskirt where it has been bottomed out onto something and a ton of water under the passenger carpets.

Been a member of GTIRoz for roughly 6 months now and loving the tight Gtir community.

Mods Include:
new Engine 88k on the clock
Tien coil overs
3in Exhaust from the turbo
Simmons 16inch Wheels

Changes Made:
New Engine Oil
New Oil Filter
New Fuel Filter
New Spark Plugs
New Pod Filter
New Tires
New Intercooelr
Orange Indicators
Rear rollover Brace
Nismo Bucket Seats
Bash plate
r32 GTR n1 Splitter
New Window seals

Alot more things on order (crazy hornet)

*trying to figure out images sorry =/*

2New Member  Empty Re: New Member 27th November 2012, 10:50 am


howdy mate and welcome to the forum Very Happy
we have a few guys from aus on here at the moment, got any pics of your car etc as always good to see what people in topsy turvy land are planning.

have a browse through the site as theres some very helpfull knowledgable people on here so youll never be stuck if you have a problem Wink

3New Member  Empty Re: New Member 27th November 2012, 10:54 am


Welcome Smile

Nismo seats? Lets see them Smile
R32 splitter? Lets see Smile
Be good to have a how to on the fitting and modding of the splitter if you could do one?

Pics of your progress would be good aswell Smile we love to see pics lol

4New Member  Empty Re: New Member 27th November 2012, 10:59 am


Welcome again joel Wink

5New Member  Empty Re: New Member 27th November 2012, 11:06 am


Thanks guys. Stu, nothing is on the car at the moment, It's all sitting next to it. I will definitely have a writeup when I get around to the splitter. Needs a few plastic welding repairs first. A few picks have been added in the members rides.

My IR is a super long process with a small 1 CAR GARAGE AHH

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