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Gtir Motorsport club » Track days & Events » rolling road days » TOTS Rolling road day with a twist (Assuming enough interest) Sunday 27th November

TOTS Rolling road day with a twist (Assuming enough interest) Sunday 27th November

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Torque Of The South Motorsport

1/4 Mile Dyno Competition & mini meet

Event minimum of 10 entries required for event to commence

Ok guys was thinking of having a little fun and doing a RR day but with a twist!

Instead of doing Bhp runs/figures was thinking of using the dyno to run 1/4 mile times which are fairly accurate to what you would expect to get on track.
We had the software installed & recently calibrated and it appears to be rather consistant to what you would expect on the drag strip.''Johnny gtir'' has had a go at it whilst helping out down here and did a 12. 70s run and im sure will bare out that its really good fun.

You will get 3 runs per car and heres the good bit......... you can drive your own car once its secured on dyno by ourselves.
Once you have received some breif instruction on dyno eticate and you will then proceed with your 1/4 mile 3 timed runs.
All participants will receive a group breifing at start of day of what to and more importaantly what NOT to do.
Rather important to us as well as others in vacinity that your car stays put on the dyno  affraid

Absolutely 'no access' will be allowed in the main workshop other than the participating driver at given time and staff.
We are firm on this rule in interest of everyones safety & for insurance reasons alike.
There will however be a large screen near main entrance that will be clearly visible to all.

Their will be free Tea & coffee (light snacks) throughout the day in our adjacent workshop office area
Prizes & trophys for the top 3 cars will be handed out at end of the day
1st will receive a Trophy & £50 cash prize
2nd recieve a trophy & £20 cash prize
3rd a trophy and £10 prize

As said guys it will merely be a bit of fun on the day and an out of season event (mini meet if you wish) to enjoy

Gtir's only event[/b that way it saves on dyno loading times and keeps things a little fairer for everyone participating!

In short for this to take place we will need a minimum of 10 cars and based on this amount the cost will be £50 per car
Should we get in excess 15 cars the price will drop to £40 per entrant

Maximum number of entrants will be a strict 20 so only limited places available

If the day is a success which im sure you will all enjoy, we will then look at organising another next year sometime as we have a few clubs keen on doing these days

Please copy paste name only if you wish to participate
Full payment of £50 required by all participants as soon as numbers reach the 10 for event to go ahead.  
Should we get 15 or more...... You will all receive the £10 cashback discount on the day of event

Any Qs then fire away

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