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Rebuilt Engine

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1Rebuilt Engine Empty Rebuilt Engine 23rd April 2016, 9:10 am



Spent the last couple of days putting a rebuilt engine in to this. Very different engineering to modern cars....
Any guesses what it is? Don't often get to work on a car that's even older than me. Very Happy

Rebuilt Engine 20160421_152408_zpss6chhtvt

2Rebuilt Engine Empty Re: Rebuilt Engine 23rd April 2016, 12:42 pm


Events Organiser
Events Organiser

Is that Austin 7?? I've put one of them together once... Although This engine was bit upgraded with bits like valve guides and seats. One we've had was 1927 year ans still original paint on it, Owner refused £25k offer for it....
Rebuilt Engine 31032010008_zpsdgjdlci7
Rebuilt Engine 31032010009_zpshx3kq0dj


3Rebuilt Engine Empty Re: Rebuilt Engine 23rd April 2016, 5:16 pm



Yep, right first time. Could almost be the same car. Smile
1927 Austin 7 Chummy.
Rebuilt Engine 20160421_152436_zpsr8n7v9wd

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