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Hello from Norfolk

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1Hello from Norfolk Empty Hello from Norfolk 9th June 2021, 7:53 am


Hey! Just thought I’d introduce my self. Been with my mrs for almost five years an in that time her dad had had this stripped out pulsar hidden in a lean too.
Anyway I decided to drag it out end of last year an see how bad it was. Took it to my mates garage an we’ve done all the oil an fluids changed the complete ignition system, anything underneath it needed be it gators ball joints or what ever an some new 888 tyres all the windows bar the front are Perspex. It’s had a biff in the back at some point but I’m not bothered about sorting that right now.

It’s got some bc coil overs an large high spec brakes on it,
the wheels are crap an dated, Wondering if anyone maybe know what other wheels may fit?
It’s got some sort of body kit on it someone has told me it may be a turini who I bought some spares from.
I’ve just had my mate give it a blow over spray job to smarten it up some.

It runs great hoping to get in to apt up lenwade on the rollers in a few weeks to see what it can safley boost to it has a greddy profec b which is the most complicated boost controller I’ve used 😆 and also some sort of airflow computer which I’ve turned off as I have no way of seeing what it’s doing.
Don’t know what the engine has had done to it it’s got an updated fuel pressure regulator an induction.

Hopefully can get it to a track at some point an have some fun.
It is road legal maybe it was once someone’s on here?

Hello from Norfolk 4ddadd10
Hello from Norfolk 86ee6c10
Hello from Norfolk 7fb54510

2Hello from Norfolk Empty Re: Hello from Norfolk 9th June 2021, 7:53 am


Hello from Norfolk 308aae10
Hello from Norfolk 59d8fc10
Hello from Norfolk 5fd51610

3Hello from Norfolk Empty Re: Hello from Norfolk 9th June 2021, 7:54 am


Hello from Norfolk Ead86910
Hello from Norfolk A2090310
Hello from Norfolk A3ff8310

4Hello from Norfolk Empty Re: Hello from Norfolk 9th June 2021, 7:56 am


Hello from Norfolk Af630510
Hello from Norfolk 96229e10
Hello from Norfolk 45b80610

5Hello from Norfolk Empty Re: Hello from Norfolk 11th June 2021, 8:10 pm


Looks decent that mate.
Id say its a turini bodykit.
Id like a turini kit for mine, not much chance of getting one these days tho.

Back againTwisted Evil

6Hello from Norfolk Empty Re: Hello from Norfolk 13th June 2021, 7:02 am


Welcome mate, looks like some nice progress, enjoyed the pics, please keep us updated here Smile

7Hello from Norfolk Empty Re: Hello from Norfolk 20th June 2021, 3:59 pm

johnny gtir

johnny gtir
Welcome sure I remember that car nice progress.

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