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the big one

Gaz GTiR
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26the big one - Page 2 Empty Re: the big one 20th January 2015, 9:29 pm



Thats give me a few idea's! Not heard of vapour blasting before, will look into that.. Looks really good though mate.


27the big one - Page 2 Empty Re: the big one 20th June 2015, 7:02 pm


well been a while not a lot done as busy with work but a small update
finally removed all inside of car side windows doors and boot and rear lights
so just a bare shell apart from windscreen.

spent a bit of time removing the tar sheets under seats and footwells as small patch of rust on rear
that I'm going to cut out and replace.
pictures of inside
the big one - Page 2 IMG_4271_zpsz2taopfi

the big one - Page 2 IMG_4272_zps18rd4okp

rust in rear foot well
the big one - Page 2 IMG_4273_zps0bpg3dau

overall quite pleased with inside as very clean overallthe big one - Page 2 IMG_4274_zpsfdyfloj1

28the big one - Page 2 Empty Re: the big one 20th June 2015, 7:04 pm


also got a new welder so can get on with welding car now
the big one - Page 2 IMG_3880_zpsu8b3dixg

29the big one - Page 2 Empty Re: the big one 20th June 2015, 8:16 pm



Good work mate, I had a few spots of rust under the tar, which was surprisingly easy to get up apart from drivers footwell.

30the big one - Page 2 Empty Re: the big one 20th June 2015, 8:31 pm


cheers used a wood chisel and hammer made job very easy did all foot wells in just over hour
then cleaned any remaining bits off with petrol so nice and clean. (do in vented area while smoking a fag is not advised)
few bits rust but also they seemed to use a brown sealer/glue which i thought was rust but wasn't
on front of footwell scraped some off but all ok under so leaving it.

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