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Welcome to the largest Nissan Pulsar & Sunny GTI-R Forum. Masses of info, friendly members, cars for sale, lots of spares. Best forum on the net by far. Everything your gtir needs is here.

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1ME- AKA-JIMMYBACK Empty ME- AKA-JIMMYBACK 6th March 2012, 9:52 am


Hi people I thought id just post here to introduce myself

Ive been a long standing member of both Gtiroc AND Nissangtir for quite a few years now.

I believe if memory serves me I bought my first GTi-R when I was 21 Shocked
WOW that was 12 years ago Surprised

im now on my Fourth one for Various reasons but Im here to stay

current spec is shell that Bobby Kindly sold to me

a engine which im currently tidying/rebuilding
for august it will be a respectable 300 BHP 1 Bar MONG special Smile

I have lots of stuff I need fit etc. but ill make a project build soon

right time to Troll the rest of the forum

2ME- AKA-JIMMYBACK Empty Re: ME- AKA-JIMMYBACK 6th March 2012, 11:00 am


welcome jim Very Happy

youll soon be catching up with stu at this rate think hes on his 5th or 6th now

3ME- AKA-JIMMYBACK Empty Re: ME- AKA-JIMMYBACK 6th March 2012, 12:24 pm


Alright Jimmy.

You're right bob I'm on my 5th now lol haven't been on the scene as long as Jimmy tho Laughing

Be good to see your project thread Jimmy.

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