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Houghy's new R

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1Houghy's new R Empty Houghy's new R 30th April 2013, 2:25 pm


Well after owning my Ivory White R since 2004 an not taking the necessary protective steps its now time to re shell. So I picked up an M reg shell off bob at the beginning of April.
The plan is to transfer the engine, box, brakes and anything else I need to marry for 1 good Pulsar and to have 1 good shell.
I'm working on it bit by bit at weekends saying the cars are 35ish miles away at my mums house.
Unfortunately things have come to a bit of a halt due to being burgled weekend before last an now sorting out a house move asap so I thought id pop on and make a thread and update as and when I get time. See u soon guys

2Houghy's new R Empty Re: Houghy's new R 30th April 2013, 2:49 pm



Be good to see pics through the rebuild process Wink

Sorry to hear about you getting broken into! The little bastards need their hands cut off!

3Houghy's new R Empty Re: Houghy's new R 30th April 2013, 3:38 pm

Gaz GTiR

Gaz GTiR

Dousnt sound good houghy mate, hope they didnt get alot? Shocked You staying in sheff or moving back down here?

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